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Why Giving is Better Than Receiving – An E-mail From An Army Wife


Like the show Army Wives that airs every Sunday on Lifetime, the lives of army wives can only be described best, by those who daily live this life. It is without doubt one of the toughest places to belong, yet one of the most gratifying if I may say so. Because the sacrifice that these men and women make for us. The daily struggles they willingly endure for us, is only to be described as – LOVING. And because this is nothing but LOVE, we can only expect it to come with the toughest of challenges, and the hardest of time.

That’s what I call – SACRIFICE

Like the sacrifice that CHRIST made for us. These many men and women, take on that role while in battle, just so that me and you, can have a peaceful life.

Let’s Talk About The Wives of These Men


The Husbands of These Beautiful Women in battle

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled → Adopting The 1/5 Marines in Afghanistan. My church → Mariners Church, came up with this neat idea of having us adopt one of the marines over in Afghanistan. I heard that, and I jumped right up to it. I knew this was not up for debate, even if it meant sacrificing a few meals that week, I just had to do it.

I really didn’t know why, but this request from my church hit me so hard, and a great desire awoke in me, and within no time, I had the USPS box picked up, and the gals and I discussing what we would fill the box with. It was such a joyous time in our life, and I really didn’t even know why, but ALL I knew is that it had to get done, and I had to get it done.

Well just last week, I received an e-mail from one of my blog readers, and she had this to say -

Dear Christine,

I stumbled upon your post about the 1/5 Marines.

I’m a wife of one of the Marines who is currently deployed with 1/5. I just had to tell you how touched I am that there are people like you in this world. So often we (the wives and families of these men) only hear the negative things people have to say about the war, the military, and the men and women who are fighting for our freedom. THANK YOU for supporting 1/5 and THANK YOU for the fantastic things you said on your blog. People like you not only help our men get through deployments, but you help the families get through too. Knowing that what they do is recognized and appreciated helps take some of the hurt and loneliness away from my heart. So again, thank you for everything you do and thank you for everything your church does. May God bless you and your family.

Love – CT

Why Giving Is Better Than Receiving

There is no greater gift than giving. Absolutely NONE.

I could think of many ways to spend the finances or time given us by our loving Father, but even when I look back into my very own life, the moments that stand out the most, are those moments when  I stepped out and gave back. Not the moments when we went on a shopping spree, or the moments when we took on a big job, but rather those moments of giving, those are life’s defining moments.

I purposefully say this to myself, almost daily –

Lord, help me not get so caught up in my very own life, that i miss out or forget the things that mean the most in life. Lord help me not get so caught up in my very own life, and help me know that life is more than me, and more than now.”

Kahlil Gibran put it best when he said -

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.


Father, thank you for all the men and women in the army, and thank you for their families. Fill them with whatever they need to go through this season, and provide for them even before the need arises.

Love you!!!



Mavuno Church at Mariners Church, Irvine


I’ll Stand With Arms High and Heart Abandoned

You stood before creation. Eternity within Your Hand. You spoke the earth into motion.

My soul now to stand

You stood before my failure. Carried the Cross for my shame. My sin weighed upon Your shoulders.

My soul now to stand

So what can I say. What can I do. But offer this heart O God. Completely to You

So I’ll walk upon salvation. Your Spirit alive in me. This life to declare Your promise

My soul now to stand

So what can I say. What can I do. But offer this heart O God. Completely to You

So I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned. In awe of the One who gave it all

So I’ll stand. My soul Lord to You surrendered. All I am is Yours

– Hillsong United

And we danced like Jesus was here. Prayed, prayed on our knees. Oh, what a beautiful feeling that was. Calling for the presence of the ALMIGHTY to shine if anywhere today, to shine at the feet of our feet. And If ever He was contemplating where on earth to rest His weary feet, our feet was His resting place. As accolades of praise made it to the heavens, our feet moving to the rhythm of joy, our bodies dripping, dripping of sweet, all in the sweetness of this Sunday morning service, was what took us to the heavens.

At the feet of the Cross.

That is where our hearts stood – At His feet and He at our feet

To learn More About Mavuno church, Kenya and it’s Vision. It’s fearless Influence.


To learn more about my church, Mariners Church. It’s amazing influence in Orance County and all over the world.











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