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» Hope

The In Betweens Of Life



This life,” she said. “It’s come & go, & all the in between stuff.”

“It was never meant to be comfortable. Never meant to be still. Each day comes & goes to make room for another & another & another until it is no more our home, because it was never meant to be home.”

The in between stuff,” she said. “Now that’s where you find life.”

“Where you find hugs & kisses. People on missions. Life re-birthed & hope given.”

As I stared deep into her eyes, daring not to move even as the buzz of the bees drew nearer and nearer. She was much too intense, I thought. Any sign of disappearance would only prolong the pain of sitting out on the hot cement floor, in the scotching sun grinding the corn we harvested last week, which was to my surprise, grandma’s favorite pass time. Grinding corn on hot cement, with her one hundred year old looking stone, now as smooth as a new born baby after having been used for many harvests in seasons past.

“Yes child, hope. Hope because each day brings with it new blessings & new challenges.” “My papa,” grandma said. “God rest his soul in peace, often told me, “each day is a blessing that needs it’s own breathe of hope. Hope for the smiles, but most importantly for the valleys & hills that await us.”

Papa said that if we found in us the hope given to us each day, then we would find in us life to breathe new hope into an empty vessel, because all of us are empty vessels without hope.”

“He said, “hope is what we all need to make it through the in betweens of life.”

The sun was beginning to set, as the cows from down shore made their way back home from a long day of herding. Grandma was still grinding corn, as I wiped off the sweat out of my forehead. If it were not for uncle Billy, I would have spent a few more hours with grandma on that hot cement floor, listening to her life stories, & how fragile everything in us really is.

I wondered then, how much of life was left in each & every one of us. If what goes in the in between of life is what is most precious, how well have I lived my in between life I thought to myself. Could it be that each day, each hour, each minute & each second is much more valuable than silver or gold? So valuable that each day, each hour, each minute, each second is an intentional invitation to live life to it’s fullest? I asked myself.

Going to sleep that night, I thought about the intentionality of life. How purposeful each day is, & how empty it is if never lived fully. I wondered how much of life was still awaiting many of us to grab. How many have lived life, and never truly lived because perhaps life was one big giant they couldn’t ever defeat. And it was at that moment that I truly understood the hope grandma spoke about, because for the first time I realized that many haven’t lived because they are the “empty vessels” grandma spoke about, and how each & every one of us can breathe hope to an empty vessel, and pass that forward to another who needs hope.

That conversation with grandma was a new awakening. Perhaps, I needed to seat on that hot cement floor, in that scotching heat, grind corn with an ancient looking stone, all while listening to grandma pour out wise words freely from her mouth. That is life. So precious & so fragile. It comes & goes, & the in betweens of life, like grandma says, tell the story of who we are & what we have lived for.

And after spending a week on the farm with grandma, it was time to head back to the city. As I loaded my bags in Uncle Billy’s trunk, Grandma pulled me aside, smiled & gave me what seemed like a hundred hugs. She said to pass those around to all who needed a hug, because hugs bring hope, & hugs are free. I promised grandma that I would be a vessel of hope, as she was my very own vesself of hope. “Remember,” she said. “hope is what we all need to make it through the in betweens of life.

Love: Christine


when new begins today


There is something beautiful & renewing about a new day, a new year. Perhaps, it’s the realization that yesterday with all it’s brokenness is gone, & today we all have another chance to get it right. Perhaps also, it’s this feeling of greater possibilities today, than there was yesterday. Whatever it is, a new day, new year somehow manages to bring with it, a new kind of hope.

Hope enough to even give me a push to blog, after having not blogged in weeks.

It’s a miracle what a spark of hope can do to us. Push us to places where we meet endless possibilities, to then accomplish what we have all been called to do. All which is much greater than us, much greater than our own strength, and that’s when hope ignited by the kindness of the Holy Spirit, brings about a miracle much greater than we can ever imagine.

It’s a wonder what little hope can do to us.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3: 22-23

As this new year begins, there is nothing i want more than to serve the poor & vulnerable more than i have in past years.

My passion for the fight against slavery & human trafficking is hoped higher than ever before.

Hope is what does it for me.

The hope that one person, one human being can make a difference in the lives of many throughout the world. This very hope, that also reminds me that I can never do it alone, we can never do it alone, but rather our heavenly Father, who is ever present before our arrival, has done & will continue to do so much through me, through all of us, if we only let Him dwell in us, to work through us.


How miraculous hope is. No matter how little, hope ignited can cause such wonders in our lives.

What do you dare for your life this year?

I am reading the soon to be released book – The Locust Effect and as I read this book, I am reminded that this life is more than me. More than my worries, my troubles. Simply more than me. The realization, that millions are in such great need, brings me to question our existence as human beings. But, wait a minute, before I go any further in questioning our compassionate hearts or lack of, the Lord reminds me that I too was once full of myself, who am I then to judge others? That’s also when hope ignited kicks in, reminding me that in the same way the Lord captured my heart, He is also then capable of capturing all our hearts. No matter how far removed we are from the cries of the poor & vulnerable in our communities, the Lord has His ways of bringing their cries to our ears, through me, through the millions in the fields fighting for these loved ones of God. And when that cry finally makes way into our ears, we can not dare continue in utter obliviousness, for there is way too much to be done, to much to be said.

Would you dare to act boldly in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, when that voice, that cry, makes it’s way to your ear?

Would you dare to put your ignited hope in action?

I promise you that as we serve one another, not only will this world truly be a better place, but your life will be in a much better place, way better than you could ever imagine.

It is true what they say, that giving is better than receiving.

Dare to hope

If you have been around me long enough, you will know that I love love reading. Reading is never quite interesting as when you can read with a friend, and share your opinions of the book, therefore I am extending an invitation to you, to join me in reading the book – The Locust Effect. Download your FREE preview here-  The Locust Effect

This book is written by Gary Haugen Founder of International Justice Mission, although the entire book will be available in bookstores in February, the FREE preview will give you a glimpse into this amazing, enlightening & thought provoking book.

Here is to a New Year.

Wishing you all the Lord’s abundant blessings!!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.

To learn more about – Human Trafficking, Slavery check us out on Facebook @ 

A Dream 4 Justice

Have a blessed week

Love: Christine

Ray of Hope

how healing comes in form of hope


You are My servant, I have chosen you and have not cast you away. Fear not, for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.Isaiah 41: 9-10

It was late in the night when I heard from Him. Not too long I must add after I had asked for His help. You see writing is a special gift the Lord has blessed me with. This blog is an even more special gift, an even more special space that I dare to assemble my many thoughts. And many a times with my many thoughts running up and down, east to west words fail me. Sometimes its as simple as my many thoughts being all over the place. So much going on at one time, and in one brain. And sometimes, its much deeper than that.

In moments such as these, so often the Lord is opening up my eyes, with revelations of thought. And in those moments, so often I can not find the right words to express myself, and it is in those moments that I call on Him for help. And so it was last night. As I lay my head to sleep, I wondered what on earth I would write about today. The Lord had been so gracious to me that day, and had revealed so much to me, yet words failed me. It sure is true what Isaiah writes in chapter 55 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts. Nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord.” What an AHA moment for me. If the Lord being the giver of such great thoughts. Of such great, holy filled revelations, where else can the words to write His thoughts come from but through Him and Him alone. This was the case last night. After trying for so long to figure it all out for myself, I reached that moment of defeat we all have found ourselves in, and in that moment I beckoned to Him, and He heard me.

It was not long after I reached out to the Lord, that the word HOPE came in thought

Write about HOPE

Mmmm...I said to myself


That’s the first word I heard, and then came the words – how healing comes in form of HOPE.

Now that’s what am talking about. Happy and joyful to have found what had taken me so long to find. Yet, was always available to me.

How we find ourselves going round and round the mountain of helplessness, when in fact help is but around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but I so love the Lord’s ways. His direction of HOPE is so indicative of what He has been speaking to me lately about, especially in the midst of everything that I have been witnessing and hearing. More so, so much of what many of us are in need of.


 I can not tell you how many friends and people I know of are suffering from cancer, or have passed away. I know cancer has been with us for so very long. Longer than I can even keep track of, yet it’s not until this year that this very brutal illness has found my ears. Am not sure why I have never played more of an active role in this fight against cancer. I think its because of fear, and perhaps because this illness we call cancer seems like this undefeated illness that we with all the powers the Lord has given us, with all our technology are still unable to defeat. Maybe that’s the reason its taken me so long to really give cancer an ear. Yet, in all the years, months that I have not given this illness {that I don’t even like to call out its name}, my ear it has continued to vengefully swipe through our lives and take the lives of many we know.

Another reason why I have not been active in this fight, is because for some reason I always felt that the best activists for this illness are the ones who have been through it and survived, or the ones going through it. I never for whatever reason felt that I would be impactful enough speaking up and fighting against this illness having never gone through it. The best way I can describe this reasoning that now doesn’t even make complete sense, is for example: what better person to speak and hear from than the one who has been homeless and found a home. Or the one who has been involved in domestic violence, and now has found freedom and HOPE to then give it back to others.

That was exactly my thoughts and reasoning. And that voice my friend, played more times than I can remember. It’s that same voice that drives fear into us keeping us from venturing into places where may be God is leading us into. That voice that hold’s us back because for whatever reason we feel incapable of bringing HOPE, and making a difference in someone’s life, especially if it is in territories never ventured. Cancer was that never ventured territory of fear or whatever the reason might be that held me back from playing an active role against it. Not forgetting the feeling that this illness is  some huge undefeated giant, that many had tried and unlike David seemingly failed to defeat. If that is the case, I thought to myself, who am I to try?

My only prayer was that, please God keep cancer away from me and my family. And may be then, I will never have to face this seemingly undefeated giant, and if that is then the case, then my reasoning as it were will undoubtedly keep me far away from speaking up and fighting against this so called gigantic illness.

Well, this year that all changed. The Lord had other plans for me, and my comfort zone was about to be shaken. Without so much as a warning, my ears slowly but surely caught the attention of this illness. The Lord in so many ways commanded my attention, and without truly realizing it, I found myself slowly fighting against this illness. Sadly enough, my attention was caught by the loss of friends and hearing of others being diagnosed with cancer. I have always heard of people and had friends diagnosed with cancer, but just like so many other things in life, it was not until this year that I truly started paying attention to this illness.

Being that my ears finally caught the attention of this illness, I have been for the past few weeks and days seeking the Lord and asking His revelation for overcoming this illness that seems to so many of us bigger than Goliath. This illness that has brought so much fear amongst the children of God. This illness that has caused many to walk away from God, hopeless and in defeat.

A friend mentioned to me that cancer is the modern day plague. That thought never left my mind, and I eventually reached out to my mother and my sister, and I asked them the same question.

Is cancer the modern day plague?

My mother and my sister both believe that cancer is not the modern day plague. My sister went on to explain to me in so many words, that unlike the plagues that were ordained by the Lord to bring deliverance to His children, cancer is an attack from the enemy to cause the Lord’s people harm. To bring hopelessness and anything ungodly you can think of. They both also stressed on the healing powers that our Lord has given us, and while I know we might have more questions, and just feel a gap in resolution, the assurance that God is against cancer. The assurance that God is for deliverance and healing. That assurance of all that brings with it so much HOPE  for me and am sure for so many others as well.

See, we might never cure cancer, but that does not mean that healing will cease. John 14:12 tells us “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” The Lord in this verse reassures us of the greater powers given to us through the Holy Spirit. He says, we will do greater works than He did. If you read the bible, you will know that there are so many accounts of the Lord’s miracles. So many seemingly unbelievable doors were open through the Lord, and He says we have the same powers. In fact greater powers than He did.

If that be the truth, cancer is surely defeated in Jesus name. We have the power to heal, the power to bring HOPE to a hopeless generation. And if the enemy’s plan is to bring hopelessness through cancer, then we must stand up and find it in ourselves to fight spiritually and in our deeds against this illness, and believe for the many who are battling cancer, that they will find HOPE in their journey, and friends when we find HOPE, healing begins.

And I know, I know this is easier said than done. I also know that not everyone’s journey ends as we hope for it to. To that thought I am reminded that this is not our permanent home, and while healing while on earth is what is our ideal end result, we must also remember that this is but our temporary home. For the one who is facing cancer today. The fears that cloud your day sometimes feel much larger than this HOPE the Lord promises us. I just want you to know that, while healing is our ultimate goal, HOPE is our way there. When we begin to find HOPE through this journey, when that HOPE is found then healing my friend, healing is found. That pain and suffering that dares to cloud your day, that pain and that suffering is then turned to HOPE. HOPE for today, HOPE for tomorrow. And that HOPE my friend, that HOPE, that four letter word HOPE, will see you through all your days, and my prayer is that HOPE will see you to your healing.

You see the thing about HOPE is that, even though your circumstances have not changed. Even though the pain is there, the sorrow or just you being in a dark place. Even in all these circumstances, when HOPE finds its way into your heart, there life, new life is breathed into your body, and when that happens my friend, healing is taking place.

So I want to come to you today with love and HOPE. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any illness. If you have family or friends going through an illness, believe for them, stand for them in HOPE and know, know without a doubt that when they see HOPE in your eyes. When they feel it in your voice. In the words you speak out to them and over them, when they see this HOPE you boldly proclaim, they will begin to see healing, healing will then my dear friend bring restoration to them.

Speak life over them. Life brings HOPE. HOPE brings LIFE. 

I believe and I know without a doubt, if us believers in the body of Christ stand up in HOPE. In the reassurance that our God still heals, and even when that healing seems to take forever. Even when the end result is not what we had hoped for, if we live our lives in HOPE like Psalm 41:3 says “The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.” If we live by these promises, we will surely have defeated the enemy, and any plans of wickedness that the enemy has for the Lord’s children will be crushed into tiny little un-restorable pieces.

Believe my friend, in HOPE.

HOPE brings healing. That’s where it all begins, in HOPE.

Until next week my friend, have yourself a blessed HOPE filled week.

May the Lord’s blessings shine upon you. May you find peace in this journey you make.

Love: Christine

Today’s pics are from last weekend’s MercyMe Rock & Worship Roadshow Concert which I attended with Compassion International.

when tears become laughter {laughter tears}

05.02.12 know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.” — Lemon Snicket

The first trickle of tears makes its way out. I wonder why it has become so easy for them to find their way out. “It seems a little too much,” I say to myself. Lately they have trickled down more than ever, and have in the most bizarre of ways found a way to co – exist with laughter.

Day after day they become one. Laughter brings tears. Tears brings laughter. I find out that to have peace of mind, I must then let them live together. I must allow trickles to shower my face, and laughter to then wipe them off.

If there was ever a season of look backs, then this season, this moment is that season. No wonder they found their way out. As I reminisce on days past. Seasons past, I see why it would be so easy a way to find escape. To trickle down and shower me with tear drops, and to also at the same time comfort in laughter. Life is such as this.

I look back at the mountains. The valleys. The seas, and its so easy to drown in tears. The wonders of His miracle. The Grace that continues to abound. My heart aches at these memories. Memories of climbed mountains. Victorious valleys, and parted seas. How easy it is for me in this season to drain myself of all my tears, and to ache in laughter.

To become one in thought, is to embrace the past, believe in the present and hope in the future. Tears and laughter become one, as you find peace with the One in whom ALL things are possible.

To be as one with Him, is peace. Peace that finds itself a place to dwell within, so that for the first time He finds Himself a home. And to realize that I am home to peace. I am home to Him, is beyond what I can ever put into words. Yet as good as it is to have peace within, to have Him dwell within, there are still moments when flesh rebels. When flesh is somewhat demanding and inconsiderate of Him who dwells within.

Such is my life.

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

It is also worth mentioning that I long to forever have Him within. To be the one to whom He says “Well done, good and faithful servant.” “The streets are filled with moments such as these,” I say out loud. Many without a place to call home, food to fuel them for tomorrow, for today and clothes to protect their precious bodies.

The hour of reckoning is almost here. “What you have done for the least of these, you have done for Me,” He says. He will say. I long to hear these words. So long as one has life, one can never think to say that “I have done enough.” His work is never complete until He says so. In other words, we can not do it once, twice and think that its enough. We must continue to plant seeds of hope.

For a moment I realize that my tears are their tears. Their sorrows ache from within. When I laugh its because I see hope. Hope for my broken self and hope for them and their broken self. There will come a time when their tears will be laughter, laughter tears. When that time comes, may I be privy to their joy. Their peace.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Love you always: Christine


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