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Love & Beauty

happy happy Mothers Day!!


mothers days

you mean the world to God.

you mean the world to your children.

you mean the world to your husband.

you mean the world to your mother.

you mean the world to your father.

you mean the world to your brother.

you mean the world to your sister.

you mean the world to the world.

you are more than a mother. you are precious in every way.

loved and treasured all at the same time.

may this day, if never again bring you true fulfillment and purpose in life.


love: christine

NOBLE – courage, inspiration, love all in one


there are people and stories in life, that transcend the meaning of courage, to a point where we, know not what or how to define their willingness in life, to go above and beyond what the ordinary human would do in free will.

perhaps, you may think that such are created with an extra layer of tenderness. or perhaps an extra layer of compassion. whatever it is that these people embody, they often times leave us –  the spectators, wondering where in heart, they find the courage for lack of a more deserving word, to do what they do for the love of others.

the hollywood reporter writes this of the award winning film – Noble, based on the true life story of Christina Noble, “This biopic about Irishwoman Christina Noble, who established a network of centers for homeless children in Vietnam, stars TV and film vet Dierdre O’Kane. An unusual yet inspired choice, the life of Irish charity founder Christina Noble might not at first appear to be ideal for feature treatment, despite the network of service centers for street kids that she’s established in Vietnam and Mongolia that supports thousands of needy youth annually. However, writer-director Stephen Bradley manages to find a rather circuitous route to revealing her motivations and backstory that eventually coalesces around a joyful and rousing affirmation of the human spirit that will resound widely.”  Read the full article here

the film – Noble portrays the true life story of Christina Noble in such a way that leaves the audience, with a great desire to gather every bit of courage, to be even if only for one day, one mission, someone as bold, loving and courageous as Christina.

she is fearless.

a girl left with nothing became a woman with nothing to lose.

even as a girl, she knew that someday she would do the thing that she was made to do.

and when that time came, she wouldn’t make any excuses.

or ask permission.

she wouldn’t back down or give up.

she would go all in.

that’s what “CALLING” looks like.

you don’t play by the rules when you are on a rescue mission.

this brazen and brash out-of-place irish mom showed up in a country halfway around the world without a dollar or a friend, saying,

“ok, here I am.”

the irish streets made her tough.

but would she be tough enough to realize her destiny?

if you ever asked how far you would go?

if you’ve ever wondered how much you would risk?

if you’ve ever questioned, “do i have a purpose?”

I say, watch this trailer, and on May 8th, pick up your: family, friends, coworkers and even your neighbors, and head out to the movie theaters to watch this inspiring, life changing film and share the love by spreading the word about Christina’s Noble’s life changing story.

and remember, the change we want, starts with us.

you too can make a difference

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until next time – stay brave, crush fear under your feet and dare to make a difference

love always: christine

making your own a hundred foot journey



maybe if i were to select the personality of my husband, i would select the hope in Papa, the dad whose relentless believe in his dream caused him to stay determined in starting a new life with his family, re-opening a restaurant after losing one, and defying the odds that met him in this foreign land he dared to call home. i would definitely select the purity of love, and passion that Hassan, Papa’s son protrayed  in the movie – The Hundred Foot Journey, and the wisdom in knowing when a new chapter in ones life is knocking for a fresh start.

i particularly loved when at the peak of Hassan’s career in Paris, he packed up to return back home, to then begin yet a new chapter in his life. not making this decision foolishly, he knew that his peak would never mean as much, without his loved ones around him. he further new that, there was a special place in his life, where he wanted to accomplish this success, and home was that place for him. home in the kitchen of this French lady, who at one time saw Hassan and his family as intruders, and did everything in her power to bring failure to their restaurant endeavors. this was the same lady who later learned first hand, what gifted hands Hassan had, and who then invited him to study under her direction in her very own restaurant.

the a hundred foot journey

perhaps like Hassan and his family, you have been waiting for a breakthrough. perhaps, you have tried and failed. tried and failed. perhaps also, you have succeeded and learned that success alone, does not bring happiness. it get’s more lonely as you climb up the ladder of success, and that family and true friends mean more to you than life could describe. what if, all of life’s experiences was never a waste of life? what if, in every season, through every experience, there was a board of lessons to be taught and to be learned? what if in every level of experience, we opened up our eyes, to see just what He is teaching us? and perhaps then, what if in opening our eyes, and learning we then were able to move successfully to the next level of promotion?

there is noting as disheartening as a misplaced, premature opportunity. nothing as discouraging as a blessing not fully appreciated and utilized, and in that scenario hope is then lost. every season in life, is a teacher to us. a teacher that then propels us to the next level of promotion. so dare to take life by the horn, and live it to it’s fullest. think about this, if we were to go through life, without any level of experience and lessons, we would never truly meet the purpose that is at every level of promotion.

it took me a while to receive this revelation. in my self centered desire for personal accomplishment, i soon realized that God was prompting me into stillness, to then receive each lesson in each season. the constant moving, and searching was getting me no where, in fact it was causing me more frustration than anything else, as i worked tirelessly in search of something that i thought would truly bring me fulfillment.

well it turned out that the fulfillment i was searching for all this while, was buried beneath all my heart’s desire for personal gain, and it was not until i surrendered and received His stillness and prompting, that the pealing of these layers started, and the hidden gem of purpose was then unveiled.

in every level of increase, there is a greater purpose, and a much greater need for a giving heart. if we are ever to reach our maximum potential, we will need to reach a level of complete selflessness in hopes of serving others by bringing hope, life, joy and fulfillment to their life. keep in mind that, in this state of living we will enjoy the benefits of living a sacrificial life, for the sake of another, just like Christ did for us.

the benefits outweigh the struggles. 

am constantly reminded that, the Lord we serve is a selfless Lord. He will not dare get us to our maximum potential, without ever preparing us for this hundred foot journey. He gets us there, by walking us through different seasons in life, to then bring upon our life’s the much needed lessons to then receive our next level of promotion and calling.

don’t ever rush life, if life is asking you to yield for a few lessons. these lessons are vital for our future success. honor yourself, and honor God, by trusting Him enough to know that He will not walk you where He has not already been, nor will He abandon you half way there.

He desires nothing but the best for all His children.

what i loved the most about the movie – the hundred foot journey, is the purposed unveiling of forgiveness, love and hope. that what once started off as a major catastrophe, turned out to be one of their greatest blessing. that they knew when to stop, and start a new life. and that they trusted enough in themselves, to know that their dreams could come true, even in the darkest of days.

they never reached the peak, without climbing through some hills and valleys. it was never so. matter of fact, the story unveils some deep struggles, pains and unfairness, yet in every season, they dared to surrender, and receive the lessons in that season.

may i dare you?

dare you to surrender in stillness and receive His lessons

dare you to believe, no matter what

dare you to work hard, be relentless and know that He will never abandon what He has called you to do

dare you to trust in God. know that He is all we need to make it to the top. and know that when at the top, all the glory belongs to Him

dare you to live every day to the fullest

love: christine

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how a basket of peanuts, turns noise into help



how do you explain to the whole world, that Love is crying? that this word – poverty that has been repeated millions of times, in millions of languages is as real as Love, and the reason why Love cries, is because poverty has never ceased crying.

he started off this business trip, as he normally does. a laptop, his cell phone and his bible which he never dared to leave behind, all tucked up in the seat right in front of him as he settled for what would a very long flight. his assistant knew him all too well, and had reserved the window seat for this trip, and ensured convenient access to both internet and phone for his business needs. twenty two grueling hours later, he and his colleagues arrived in he city of Kinsasha, where they would be finalizing negotiations with the government of Congo, to assist Congo in rebuilding it’s infrastructure after the devastating war.

there are moments when your day is more than a day,” he thought. moments when the noise of the world ceases to be noise, and instead you are able to decipher what the noise is all about. moments when the loud and overcrowded streets of Kinshasa cease being loud and overcrowded, instead they are transformed into this very colorful unified choir, singing songs that call for help. it means that the very old lady, barefoot on the streets chasing after you, is not just chasing after you. she is chasing hope. and there is where the whole world stands still, or so it feels. stands still in wait. and if we for whatever reason decide to look away, never to stop to be hope, then it also means that the choir continues to sing, and Love continues to cry. cry because once again, His helpless child is left helpless, as she dares to make her way home, only to find that her hungry and skinny looking children, are just breathes away from death.

Love cries

Frederick Buechner says that God puts himself at our mercy not only in the sense of suffering that we can cause him by our blindness and coldness, but the suffering that we can cause him by suffering ourselves. because that is the way Love works, and when someone we love suffers, we suffer with him, and we would not have it otherwise because the suffering and the love are one, just as it is with God’s love for us. — the hungry dark

on the streets that day was Mercy. she chased after John’s Range Rover, and it was from the side mirror, that John first spotted her. she ran barefoot, dressed in clothes as dirty and dusty as the ground, and her feet as cracked as a clay pot. John signaled to his driver to stop, and within seconds they were pulling up to the side of the busy streets of Kinshasa to receive Mercy. Mercy eventually made it to the Range Rover, where John and his driver stood awaiting her arrival. she took a few minutes to catch her breathe, before she stretched out her worn out basket half filled with peanuts, which she had hoped to sell to John.

John slowly whisked her to a shabby little restaurant by the streets, as she stared on perhaps wondering what John would do to her. he was obviously wealthy, because wealthy in her life meant one was dressed well, and could then afford the luxuries of a driver. being white in her world, also meant being wealthy. his manner of greeting was also one that Mary associated with the rich. maybe he hated her hopeless boldness so much, that he was planning to beat her to death, she thought. like the one wealthy man she had dared to approach a few months back. some people, she remembered  don’t receive this kind of noise that well. and so she held on tight to her basket, almost in such a way as to prepare to escape what she thought was about to happen.

after they settled down outside the shabby little restaurant, John gently reached for his wallet and offered Mercy what seemed like a million dollars. the world it seemed had stopped for such a time as this. Mercy’s eyes popped out wide open, as she stretched out her hand to then offer John the basket of peanuts he had purchased. as quickly as he received the basket, was as quickly as he placed it back on her lap, and explained to her that he was not in need of the peanuts. tears fell gently down her face, as she immediately reached for her basket, and almost unknowingly popped open most of the peanuts, and proceeded to fill her hungry little tummy, with all the peanuts she could get open.

Love smiles

John’s driver returned back with plates of food, and asked Mercy to join in the feast. and after sharing a meal and a few laughter’s together, John made a few phone calls for help, and shortly thereafter they parted ways, but not after John had ensured that she was well connected with the help she needed, to sustain and provide for her family.

upon arriving his hotel room that afternoon, he fell to the floor in utter disbelief at the noises of poverty he had witnessed, and cried a few tears for the love he had shared with Mercy. he reached for the phone, and cried some more as he explained to his wife, what pain and suffering faced majority of the people of Kinshasa, and how he had met Mercy, or rather how Mercy had met him, and made more of his day, than he could ever have imagined.

sleep that night was hard to find. he could still hear the noises in the streets, however this time the noises came with faces, and the faces came with pain.

you may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once, but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own. –michelle obama

love: christine

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