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Love & Beauty

opening self to divine interruptions


old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. an old day passes, a new day arrives. the important thing is to make it meaningful; a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”

dalai lama

i had planned on waking up early, & driving up to L.A  to see her. i know myself, when weekends come my way, my feet start to drag, & so i went to bed very aware of this, yet still determined to overcome my dragging feet, & make it to L.A  in time to have enough of the day to spend with a precious cousin, whom i had never met before.

a few days ago she confirmed her arrival. i had my weekend all planned out, but something inside of me said – cancel. cancel and dare instead to spend this precious moment, with a precious person. early Saturday morning, after wrestling my decision to cancel all plans, i made up my mind to do it anyway.

welcoming divine interruptions, means being flexible enough to go with the flow of the divine #motherswithadream4christ

my uncle (cousin’s dad), passed away a few years back. i remember when he passed thinking to myself, oh how i wish i had met him. i was never able to meet up with my him, though i heard all sorts of brave stories about him. some which made sense, & others which did not. he lived a life many feared to ever mention. a very warrior like life. set in his ways, he had a dream. a dream that led him to ran & hunt. you could say, he was a man with an endless kind of possibility dream. determined to overcome whatever came his way, to dare instead to meet this dream he so cherished. he was also very well connected to the powers around him. and i think with power surrounding him, he was positive his missions would be accomplished. eventually he passed away, having accomplished i believe some of his dreams, however i do believe, his most cherish dream was never accomplished. many things have been said of him, one thing is for sure he was a warrior at heart.

now you can see why, i had to meetup with my cousin Susan (in the picture with black & white pants). not only does she carry a piece of my now deceased uncle, but she also brings with her a connection with an uncle, i thought i would never have. more than that, she brings with her hope. hope because, there was a time many believed she and her sisters, had all passed away. having lost both parents at such a young age, tucked in a foreign country, Susan and her sisters were forced to defend & fend for themselves. defend themselves against their dad’s enemies, & defend themselves from life in general. unfortunately, this blog post can not truly do justice to their story, however, i do write this, simply to give us all hope. hope that no matter what you are going through. no matter the valley, our God is always present.

there are moments in life that are way too precious for words. moments when we need to find it in us, to open up self to divine interruptions. and see it as a good thing & go with the flow when that happens, and believe that our God always has plans for good & not evil (Jeremiah 29:11). when we allow ourselves to walk instead in the will & plan of God, we find that divinely interrupted moments, have precious meaning. to walk in the presence of God, means allowing Him to take center stage of our daily life, and there we find that sometimes, our plans are not His plans, yet He always does have good plans for us, way better than we could ever dream or imagine.

divinely interrupted moments, have precious meaning #motherswithadream4christ

when your day seems to be going out of the order you had planned, remember to stop & dare instead to yield to the presence of God #motherswithadream4christ

the practice of opening self to divine interruptions, means starting off your day with the Lord at heart. committing your every move to Him, and asking Him to lead you to the places He desires. We all have plans for our days, for our lives, can we dare instead to allow Him to interrupt our plans, for a greater good? think about it, & dare it to be the way in which you live your life.

as Dalai Lama said, “like the days. an old day passes, a new day arrives.” my Saturday came & passed, but the memories of the day will forever be engraved in my heart.

until next time, have yourself an open heart. open enough for divine interruptions.

Love: Christine

Today’s prayer space

Human Trafficking Awareness Day/Month

To get involved in the fight against Human Trafficking, visit the following organizations:

International Justice Mission

The A21 Campaign

Counsel to Secure Justice

how life is lived in full…


its so easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of our days. there are days, when I am more aware of the beauty within, as I am aware of the beauty without. there are also days, when i seem oblivious to almost every bit of life’s precious moments. the singing birds pass me by without a moment of thought, the gentle streams of a river, gently stream by without a wonder of how magnificent creation such as this really is.

i love the days when i wake up to the sounds of the birds, and their beautiful sounds awaken my heart. i also love the days when i am wide awake. i call those days – wide alive. when a genuine smile catches my attention, when i can recognize and feel the presence of my neighbor next door. when a stranger is no longer a stranger, when my kids laughter’s echoing from way in their bedroom catches my attention, & without knowing what truly makes them laugh so hard, i find instead that i join in the laugh. such are the moments that blow me away. moments that i treasure & love.

happiness is not something ready made. it comes from your actionDalai Lama

this year i am purposefully determined to practice living in the here and now. determined to practice calmness & along with that compassion.

more & more i realize how important it is to remain in the present. to walk in calmness of spirit, & in so doing welcome compassion in ones heart. there is something grand about being in the present. one is more wide alive than ever before. seldom, does the preciousness of life pass one by, when one is in the now. the birds in the air are then no longer strangers to one’s life.

a calm & present spirit brings life to life

yesterday is never forgotten when its lived fully

the regrets of life, lessen as we dare to spend our present, with the ones present in our lives.

moments become more than moments.

they become tangible in every sense of the word.

they are felt within & without.

moments become life as it should be

the madness of life can weigh you down, however if lived in the present we are most often able to work through such madness, & in so doing create room for an even brighter tomorrow.

life is only precious, when lived in the now

dare to life fully!!

until next time: have a here & now filled week

love: christine

hello my name is shame….


Hello, my name is shame.

I am terrified of being completely vulnerable for fear of being judged.

Terrified of daring to love, daring to build relationships for fear of being rejected and abandoned, hence my high raised walls of protection.

I often say to myself that I am not good enough.

Not worthy enough

Not lovable.

You will often find me dressed to impress, most often looking good.

I am a slave of good fashion, but don’t let that fool you. Underneath all the layers of clothe, I am a little child trapped in shame and eager to escape the ugliness that haunts me from within out.

Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is emotional exposure.” Dr. Brene Brown

Often times I receive compliments on how beautiful I look, how gorgeous my shoes and clothes are, and when I drove a Hummer I received compliments on how stunning my car was, but none of those words ever fell to solid grounds, because underneath all the external beauty, lay the hidden truth that I felt ugly and unworthy of every good the world told of me.

Enslaved in a dark cloud engraved with the words “ugly,” I can never fully receive compliments, in fact I do my best to stray away from such conversations. Often times I can tell when a compliment is coming my way, in that moment I immediately divert the attention from me to the person by showering them with compliments before they get the chance to shine the light on me.

I call myself an introvert, but to be honest shame keeps me locked up in this cage.

In the core of my being, I am a compassionate and loving person.

I love to engage 1:1 with people, tell them how beautiful and loved they are, but I find it difficult to be effective in this role when I am buried in shame. The only time I feel safe enough to explore this gift, is when the light is not shinning on me, when I am in my self defined safe zone where my true self is free to be me but not really free because the truth is, somewhere hidden in my heart is a drowning spirit filled with shame of self.

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139: 14

For many years I struggled to utter the words from Psalm 139:14 mainly because a big part of my heart never truly felt fearfully and wonderfully made.

All I could see were imperfections that diminished the value and authenticity of this verse.

Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.” Dr. Brene Brown

I believed and I still do that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, “if that’s true only God was and is capable of ever seeing the beauty He created in me.” I said to myself.

No man could or can possibly view me as beautiful,” I convinced myself.

After all, I was and I am still layered with tonnes and tonnes of imperfections one would be crazy to fall in love with, or invest in relationship with me.

Only God,” I said to myself.

Only He was and is capable of seeing the beauty in me,” meaning here on earth, no man can ever see my beauty.

There were days I remember when I wished I was never born, or that I would have been born different. May be then, I thought to myself, “I would find the beauty that God saw in me. The beauty others saw in me.”

I wish I viewed God’s love as ENOUGH. I wish like you that I would have been fully content with the love of God, which is  by the way the greatest kind of love. 

Oh how I wish.

Instead, I longed for man’s kind of love.

The kind that comforts you when you are down. The almost envious teenage puppy kind of love that often times is so innocent and temporal. The love that showers you with gifts, holds you tight never to let go. The love that often utters the words, “I love you,” shouts to the world how crazy madly in love they are with you.

That was what I deemed REAL TANGIBLE love. All else just didn’t measure up.

God’s not so much. It was good, but not nearly as good as this tangible love that I so longed for.

As I write and declare this, I can only imagine how painful this must be for God our Father to hear and read. Although being God, none of this is a surprise to Him.

To know that His unconditional love is not nearly enough for His child. What a blow to His AMAZING spirit.

Many times like so many people, the love much like God’s that is so easily accessible, and oh so easily given is the kind of love that we take for granted.

Kind of reminds me of how easily accessible regular stones are to us, so much so that I have never given it much thought or even so desperately longed for it. However, when I think of Gold or Diamonds, all over sudden a rush with a desire to have, want steps into my heart. Suddenly, stone is no longer just stone. Stone is beautiful and desirable. Sadly enough, that’s the only way I can think of to describe my feelings towards this AMAZING love freely given to us by God, yet least desired.

Shame my friend, will rob you of every good planted in you.

I love what Dr. Brene Brown says:

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.”

I remember when I first heard the statement, “we are all BROKEN CREATURES,” boy did I feel redeemed. Finally, I had an explanation for my shame. How I related with this statement which dared to fully define who I was, who I am.

Broken in every sense of the word.

My friend Gaby and I had lunch this week. Seated in this beautiful Asian restaurant, tucked in the middle of downtown LA on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, she dared to remind me how good spirited I am. How worthy of love I am. Everything that causes my skin to crawl, because in the depths of my bleeding heart, shame robs beauty. Beauty then ceases to exist.

Deep down, shame is a longing for love. Unconditional love.

Still, she kept grinding on, feeding my heart with positive affirmations. Replacing all my negative thoughts with thoughts of good.

She later pointed out that just like me, she struggled to receive and embrace the good in her. The worthiness that so exists in her beautiful heart and body. So much wrong had been done and had happened to her. So much hurt ache. How could she not have felt that way about herself?, yet I never viewed her that way. All I saw was this amazingly beautiful Mexican friend filled with love love and more love.

Shame once again, dared to rob her of the beauty planted in her.

Shame lost

Growing up my parents never told me they loved me, and I don’t blame them. They too were raised in a similar way. However, having been raised in a world, greatly influenced by the western world of abundant and visible displays of love, never hearing those words sort of created the demon in me that feels unworthy of LOVE, and is always then searching for LOVE and sometimes searching in all the wrong places.

“I LOVE you. I LOVE you. I LOVE you.”

Hearing solidifies the feeling. Meaning if I heard it over and over, I am more apt to believe it of myself.

I remember as a teenager and youth, I looked to men to fill this void of love that seemed to grow deeper and deeper into the emptiness of my heart.

I struggled to accept a male friend, as just a friend. I longed for more than friendship because for some strange reason, more than friendship meant that I was TRULY LOVED.

Friendship wasn’t good enough. Friendship did not equate to love.

And to that I declare that I was a HOT mess.

Now a work in progress…

Because of my shame filled self, I aimed to please everyone.

Pleasing everyone equated to love all around.

It meant that I would have once again escaped my fear of rejection. Something that as a shame filled child, I strived so hard to escape. This later on led me to hang around people I really didn’t care for, do what I really didn’t care to do, all for the sake of escaping rejection, and welcoming love.

I so desperately wanted to belong, yet never knew how to.

I beat myself up for my imperfections.

If only I was perfect enough then everyone would want to be my friend, everyone would love me.” I told myself.

For most of my life I lived a life buried and trapped in shame, and fear of being completely vulnerable.

For the longest time I found my worth in my career. I had achieved much at such a young age, and I was later to realize that work doesn’t demand vulnerability out of me. At work I am confident in my abilities, there was seldom space for shame to reside in, it was easier then to define my worth with my career success.

I stayed far away from building and investing in relationships for fear of rejection and hurt.

I expected others to take a risk with me, and risk being rejected, while I safely tucked my heart away in my safe zone.

I loved, but not fully loved

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” Dr. Brene Brown

The sad fact about shame, is that it robs one of the possibility of experiencing and building authentic relationships, and in that the possibility of experiencing real love.

In the very beginning of motherhood, I witnessed myself unintentionally denying my children the possibility of experiencing real love.

I knew without a doubt that I loved them, but because I had never known how to give and show true love, my love was given from afar. Never too close enough to bring out the emotions that come with love.

I ached to show them this kind of love. This love that dares to fully give. This love that for all my life I had so longed for, but did not know how to give it.

Shame once again, almost won.

It was later on into motherhood, that I dared myself to conquer shame, and dared instead to experience authentic, raw, unconditional love with my girls.

The thought alone was terrifying.

I dared to give my girls the kind of love that I dreamt of as a child.

The kind that kept me up late into the night imagining.

The kind that caused my eyes to glue itself to the television watching Prince Charming fall madly in love with Cinderella. Or, the simple kind of love that the Flintstones had for each other.

Its the kind of love that is not afraid to hug and kiss.

It loves over and over to the mountain tops and back.

Unconditional love.

That’s what I dared to bless my girls with.

A love that is free from judgement, condemnation and shame.

Free from perfectionism, but rather recognizes that we are all broken creatures, and our imperfections are what makes us beautiful.

I dared BIG.

You may ask why I have decided to unveil my heart naked before your very eyes?

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at best, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

I say this because like many others, I dare greatly.

I dare to defeat the shame within my spirit, and I dare to free you of that as well.

I realize that by baring my heart naked before your very eyes, that I risk rejection, unworthiness and a feeling of shame.

More than likely, I will wake up tomorrow morning wondering what on earth possessed me to publish these thoughts. I might even wish to have the ground open up to swallow me alive for fear of being judged, and experiencing deep shame once again. But that my friend, is a risk worth taking.

See, the way I see it now, by revealing my deep dark thoughts, shame no longer has power of over me.

I dare to set you free.

To free you of the burden that I have carried with me all these years.

To give you instead hope for a much better life, and to let you know that if you struggle with shame like I do and like millions of others in this world, you are not alone. You are loved, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Believe that.

I love Dr. Brene Brown. She has given me hope at a time when I thought hope was dead. Listening to her, has not only helped shape and re-write the scripts of shame that has for so long played over and over in my mind, she has also revealed to me the power I have over shame. Given me a desire to fight my battle with shame, and because of that I am a better person today. I dare you to spend a few minutes listening to her talk, you will be encouraged and blessed.

{to enjoy this video, simply scroll to the right corner of the blog and pause the blog music}

To that I say good-bye shame, and hello WORK IN PROGRESS…….

Until next week, have yourself a shame free week!!


Love: Christine




how Grace loves anyway…


And when Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus, into his royal palace, in the tenth month which is the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign, the king loved Esther more than all the women, and she won grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins, so that he set the royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti

Esther 2:16-17

Michael Hosea in the book Redeeming Love found himself furious at Angel. It was not too long ago that he had rescued Angel from a brothel and brought her to his home as his wife. Following the leading of the Lord’s voice, Michael had done what too few men would do. Leaving the comfort of his seemingly perfect life, he had taken in a wife. Not just any wife. A wife who was best known as the most sought after prostitute in Pair-a-Dice. The wife who brought nothing but anger to his brother-in-law Paul. The wife who had never known what being a wife was all about. What true love really felt like, and if you told her Grace was with her, she would then look at you with eyes as foreign to the word Grace, as true Love was to her. Still Michael dared to love. Dared to obey this Holy voice from above, and in obedience, dared to love Angel with as pure of love as love can be. Angel, my friend was a lady who had never known of any such kind of love.

Still Michael dared to try.

Dared to love.

I remember when Michael almost gave up on Angel. He had for the second time, ran to her rescue when she returned back to Pair-a-Dice to seek back her old lifestyle. This time around, Michael found her in the middle of serving one of the many men she had served in Pair-a-Dice. Michael was furious. He said to God that he was tired. Tired of loving someone who then seemed unlovable, and I remember the Lord whispering to Michael:

Seventy times seven.”

Seventy times seven.”

Michael asked the Lord if He knew just what He was asking of him. He was at his ropes end. Tired of loving and never being loved. Tired of trying and never receiving back anything equivalent of what he was giving away. Michael never wanted much from her, all he had hoped was that she would somehow love him as he loved her. But, that my friend never did come easy for Michael. Michael would tell you that love alone is not enough. He would tell you of the many conversations he had with God, and the many times the Lord had to fill him up with Grace enough to love Angel again.

This kind of love found in Grace would lead Michael to forgive seventy times seventy times. Meaning there isn’t an end to forgiveness that one can extend beyond which he is no longer able to forgive anymore.

There is no end to forgiveness, Michael would learn.

The Lord further instructed Michael to love as He has loved him. Michael repeated back to the Lord, seemingly in frustration:

As you have loved me?

See to Michael that kind of love just seemed way too unattainable for someone like Angel who had never known even the simplest kind of love, and so the Lord’s request came to Michael as something almost impossible. Some love he simply had no more strength left in him to give.

And as I read through this oh so amazing Grace filled book, I am reminded that much like Angel, we are all so deeply wounded, so deeply broken and how desperate in need of Grace we all are. I am reminded of the many times I have been short on Grace, and failed to extend Grace to another. I am also reminded of the many times Grace has been extended to me. .

How do we love without Grace?

There simply is no way to love as Michael Hosea loved Angel without Grace. To love someone in desperate moments. In hurtful moments, means Grace is alive in us. For in times much like Michael, Grace alone can see you through such trying seasons. Grace alone, can cause you to give love even to people who seem so unlovable. Without Grace being alive in us, there is simply no strength to love like God loves us, to love like Michael loved Angel.

And when we find ourselves short of Grace as I have on numerous occasions, then its only by crying out to the Lord. Asking in the purest of hearts that He is able to renew our hearts with Grace. To fill the empty tank that is our heart with Grace. Grace enough to love again. Grace enough to trust again. Grace enough to forgive and Grace enough to be Jesus to all who come through our paths.

Without Grace my friends, we are all lost. Without Grace forgiveness is so far away. Without Grace there is no Love to give like Jesus gave. So as you go through your week, remember we are all in desperate need of Grace. Why not extend Grace to another, even when they are so undeserving of it, after all there have been many occasions when we too being so undeserving of Grace, have received Grace.

With Grace, we are free to love anyway…

Meaning, regardless of what has been done to you, with Grace you can love back.

Have a blessed week!!

Love you always: Christine

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