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Life With Christ

how faith brings life to the dead – yes, God still heals


I’ve experienced this in my own life. When my youngest son, Peter, died on March 4, 2001, my wife and I spoke our faith and said, “The first report is not the last report.” We spoke resurrection life back into Peter’s body, and then we headed into town. It was one hour and fifteen minutes from the time we got the call until we got to where Peter was. During that time, I was operating in faith. I remembered prophecies that had not yet come to pass in Peter’s life, and therefore, I knew it wasn’t time for Peter to die. I rejoiced by faith, seeing Peter alive and well.

My oldest son, Joshua, met me at the door and said, “Dad, five or ten minutes after I called you, Peter just sat up.” Thank You, Jesus! This is the point: I didn’t rejoice more once I saw Peter raised from the dead than I did while I was still driving. During the drive, I knew Peter was alive, and I was rejoicing with all my might. It was actually anticlimactic when I saw in the physical what I had already seen in the spiritual. Don’t get me wrong; I was blessed and I rejoiced to see my son raised up after being dead for five hours. But the physical reality wasn’t more real to me than the spiritual reality of faith.

This is the way I live. I know it’s not “normal,” but I’m not getting “normal” results either. I’ve been believing big, and there have been big results from that believing. When we moved into our new offices, and when we see the warehouse finished, that was, and will be, anticlimactic. I’m seeing all these things in the spirit now. When they manifest physically, others will be impressed, but I’m impressed now.

I’m not believing for something that isn’t real to become real. I’ve seen into the spiritual realm by faith, and I’m simply making what I’ve seen in the spiritual world manifest in the physical world. All of the things I’m seeing with my physical eyes now, I have already seen in my heart. I saw it on the inside before I saw it on the outside. This is a wonderful way to live. This is the normal Christian life. This is walking by faith and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). – Andrew Wommack Ministries

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My book arrived not too long ago. i was excited to start learning more about healing, and how it’s part of the atonement, and that we all have as much access to healing, as we have to the forgiveness of sins. so the journey started, and so far i have learned that God is still in the business of healing. that we need not to go any further, but to our Father in heaven, and just as we seek forgiveness of sins, provisions and all that we go to our Father for, we are also to seek in faith the miracle of a healing.

since moving to California, i have experienced increasingly severe allergies. so severe that i went from merely managing them, to most recently visiting my doctor, receiving more prescriptions, and then without further thought, settling for a life with allergies, managed by daily doses of allergy medications, which are meant to then stop all the sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose.

my mom has been visiting with us, and proclaiming healing. i didn’t realize how comfortable i had gotten with my allergies, until she challenged me to proclaim healing over my allergies and my eyes. i have been wearing contacts for years, and just like my allergies, i had settled to the fact that i will forever need contacts to see.

at the same time, over the last few months i have witnessed friend after friend experience some sort of illness. not really equipped with the deep knowledge of healing, i have said silent prayers, without further declaration of scripture over each situation, and the firm belief that God still heals. God raises the dead, and there is noting impossible for God.

since then, i have been deeply convicted to declare healing over my allergies, and now my eyes.  that in as much as i enjoy God’s other blessings in my life, i also have every right to the blessing of healing, and the freedom it brings.

it’s definitely is a journey. i still find myself easily reverting back to my old ways. like today for example, i found myself replenishing my nasal spray stock, which immediately made me wonder if that was evidence enough of my weakness in faith. to be honest, as i look back, it was indeed the fear that i will start sneezing, and healing will not have arrived. and because my allergies bring so much discomfort, it was then the fear of my allergies ruining the rest of my day. and because i allowed fear in, i walked out of Costco with 3 nasal sprays, and the heavy lingering feeling that i needed to search my heart deeper, and give God a chance to bring healing to my body.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrew 11:1

as i look at my own situation, and also those around me, it is almost as if we have forgotten that God truly does heal. or maybe, we have not allowed ourselves to dive deeper in faith, to believe for something as big as a healing miracle. or perhaps, like my story, it is the fear that healing might not arrive. and if it doesn’t arrive today, or tomorrow, then how long are we to wait? and with those thoughts clouding my faith, it is then easy to copout as Andrew Wommack points out in his book – God Wants You Well, and give in to the temporary supply of relief. or perhaps for you, it is living in the slavery of your sins. believing that your sins are way too big for God’s forgiveness. and because of that, healing can’t then be asked and received, because if God has not forgiven your “big sins,” how then can healing come.

it is not a matter of God giving us healing, it’s a matter of us reaching out and by faith receiving healing.” page 48 – God Wants You Well

just like no sin is bigger than the other, no healing prayer is too big or too small for God to answer. it is us that God is waiting on, to honestly ask in faith and then receive in faith. before healing can truly manifest in the inside and outside, we must receive our healing in faith.

i hope today, you will begin your very own healing journey. you will scrap the doubts of the past, forgive yourself and know that it is never too late to begin your healing prayer. the same God that raised Lazarus from the dead, is the same God today. He longs so much to heal us of our illness, so that we can live a truly rich and fulfilled life. free from all the shackles of sickness, and the bondage that it ties us to.

and i know everyone’s situation is different. and that God has different paths for all of us, and because of that, our journey will not always be the same. regardless of that, i know without a doubt, that we serve a miracle working Father. one whose plans for us, are never for evil, but good. and even in the worst of situations, i know that our God can turn whatever is meant for evil, for our good and bring glory to His name.

my encouragement for us who are still alive today, is to cover ourselves in prayer and fasting. believing that no illness is too big for God’s healing hands. to seek tirelessly for healing, and receive it in faith. let’s not worry about tomorrow, instead let God take care of tomorrow. for He alone, knows the end from the beginning. if we dare to remain in the present, seek healing in faith, God will be right there to receive our prayers and move us to the next level.

for me personally, the journey to seek complete healing for my allergies, and my eyesight continues. in prayer and fasting, i am believing for complete restoration and healing. in fact, i have no doubt that my healing has all along been waiting for me.

Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And he LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” 2 Kings 6:17

until next time, i leave you with this song by Lauren Daigle.

i particularly, love these words, “these hands are dirty, i dare not lift them up to the Holy one. you plead my cause, you right my wrongs, you break my chains, you overcome…” i think this song truly reflects the way many of us perceive ourselves in the eyes of God. wondering, how God can still have mercy on us, even with all our imperfections. and in aligning with today’s blog, we are then held in slavery, and healing then feels like miles away from us.

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love: Christine

why it’s more than a new year



it’s as if the storm at sea ceased to storm.

the hauling winds, the chills and the spiteful tides all went silent.

it had been months, and months of knee bending, restless days and nights.

the storm had made it’s way as silent as the night thief, and before she knew what to say or do, it’s force had dragged her right into it’s eye, making her days nights and her nights, well her nights remained as dark, and hopeless as the storm was.

until that morning.

it was a Thursday morning she remembers.

the usual roars of the sea, and it’s relentless force was much like a gentle wave of hope. the sea had changed, or perhaps the heaven’s had unveiled yet another season.

a season of hope, restoration and opportunity.

and for a second or so, the glaring, bright rays of the sun seemed to blind her from seeing the beautiful blue skies way up in the horizon. the sun on this morning, shone so bright, more than words could describe. enough at least to blind one from seeing the majestic skies, and the revelation of hope – another season.

to everything there is a season. a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3: 1

 it was around noon when the red, yellow and blue bird stopped by to do whatever it is, it so desired to do. her eyes were still glued to the skies, and it was this bird that managed to break the gaze, which then caused her to walk down into the cabin, to turn all these beautiful blessings, into something she could meditate on, and perhaps return back to every now and then.

there is beauty in every season.” she wrote.

“perhaps, as messy as some seasons may seam, it’s beauty hides in the hope that God works best in the midst of a mess.” she continued to write.

“there is beauty in every season.”

the storm had revealed to her her anchor, and had taught her how to hold on to Him with all her strength, and know that He makes all things beautiful.

perhaps also she adds, ” the darkness that was her days, made it so that her faith was strengthen, and in that strength came the glimmer of hope, that was the almost bright light that so often made it’s way to her, on those gloomy, sorrowful months. almost as if to tell her, that she was right to trust Him, and that He would never forsake nor abandon her. He would remain right there. in the midst of it all. and shepherd her through it all.

“it is never in vain.” she adds

“this trust that we place in Him, is never in vain.”

“the lessons that push us deeper and deeper in faith, produce a gift that is equally as grand as it’s lessons.”

there is beauty in every season.” she repeats.

and when she was done turning these blessings into something she could meditate upon, she embraced this new season, for it brought with it, a new opportunity to once again dare enough to draw nearer to God, and in so doing draw nearer to purpose.

it was after a few hours in the cabin, that she made her way up to the deck of her boat. the sun that once rose, was now setting. however, this time around, the calmness that unveiled the day, was still present, and the sea with all it’s grandness, embraced her presence in love and hope.

she found a comfortable chair to slide into, opened her bible once again and continued in this Holy invitation that had started off her day. meditating upon His word, and knowing that this time around, this new season was one to be truly cherished, and enjoyed as well.

but seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6: 33


Love: Christine

why the world must hear the cries from Kenya – the fight against stripping women naked


Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him! O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. How gracious he will be when you cry for help! As soon as he hears, he will answer you. Isaiah 30: 18-19




i am originally from a country the world knows as Kenya. Kenya can be found in the Eastern part of Africa, tucked and surrounded by all kinds of beauties. sadly, today i am not hear to discuss the beauty that is Kenya, or how vast and magnificent it’s oceans are, but rather I am here to voice and share the cries of the women who live in this vast and magnificent country.

these beautiful Kenyan women, many who are simply hard working women, who like any woman in the world loves to look and dress good, so often pay a big big price for stepping out of their homes in their clothing of choice. you see in Kenya  like many developing countries, there are these groups of unjust men who make it their life’s mission to dictate a woman choice and rights. meaning, what a woman must or must not do, this includes what a woman must or must not wear in public. as such, these groups of hungry, disrespectful, abusive and unjust men can find it in them to be dissatisfied with a woman’s choice of clothing, and in broad daylight, and might i add in the middle of a busy public street or not, decide to strip a woman completely naked.

most recently in a youtube video i watched, these men can be heard yelling “remove, remove.” to a woman as other men in their group man handle, and strip this woman completely naked. 

now you might ask where the judicial system is when women are faced with such inhuman, degrading crimes. or where the just on lookers who i would want to refer to as potential helpers are, when a woman is stripped naked in a busy public street. the honest truth is that, the justice system in Kenya is miles away from help, and many a times will not respond to such acts of crime that are mostly committed against the poor and marginalized. when it comes to the just helpers on the streets, well it is safe to say that many of them are themselves afraid of being attacked, and many a times either walk away screaming for help, witness these crimes in utter hopelessness and disbelief or sadly walk away.

over the past few days these crimes have received some local and international attention amongst women, and even men who see the need for immediate change in Kenya. most recently i was proud to see facebook, twitter and news posts of women and men in Kenya standing up against these crimes, the most memorable one being the peaceful protest they called #mydressmychoice. kudos to all who put this protest together. however, in my opinion and based on the continued escalation of these violence, the end is not here and there is an immediate need for a unified approach amongst all women and nations of the world, to stand firm and demand an immediate investigation of these crimes, an end to such crimes and a zero tolerance policy in Kenya against such crimes.

in recent interviews and even in the past, it has been well documented that some women justify such acts by what they refer to as indecent dressing on our part. hence joining the hundreds and thousands of men who unjustly commit these crimes in argument of the same. my response to these women would be the same response i would give a man who justifies these acts with the same argument - it doesn’t matter whether or not we approve of ones choice of clothes, what matters is that we are mindful of every persons human rights, and that in every situation every human being is presented with an opportunity to live in freedom, and is then able to exercise their full rights as a human being. 

there is absolutely no room for justification of such crimes, absolutely no room.

in Nairobi and other cities in Kenya, the perpetrators of such inhuman crimes walk free, as the victims suffer in absolute trauma, left with a life time of scares and shame over these crimes committed against them. on the other hand, the other women who are thus far safe continue in a life of uncertainty, as their human rights are never fully theirs to live, but rather still in the hands of inhuman, babaric groups of men who continue to get away with such crimes.

additionally, the number of rape cases that occur due to such crimes are unaccounted for, unreported in many cases, and if reported are never truly investigated. the victims are then left in utter hopelessness as they struggle to move on with their lives, and heal all at the same time. many a times, dying slowly in complete darkness, shame and degradation.

may i challenge the President, leaders and judicial representatives of Kenya to dare enough to do something. to imagine that these victims could easily be their wife, their daughter, their sister, their friend. to dare enough to end this violence against women. some may say that the world has what many might call “more important justice matters to attend to,” but may i also dare the nations of the world to say that this matter is as important as all other justice matters, and as such should be given the immediate attention it deserves. may i also dare the lawyers/attorneys out in Kenya and around the world, to dare enough to take a case for free in the name of fighting for justice. many of these victims are poor, uneducated and therefore unable to afford private legal representation. may i dare you wonderful lawyers/attorneys of the world to take on these cases pro bono, and bring justice to these women.

by no means am i saying or implying that we can solve this issue overnight, what i am simply saying is that one voice, one step each day can go along way in eradicating such violence, and as a result eventually bring complete freedom to these women. this freedom is long overdue, and i am hopeful that with the right attention and effort, this too can become a thing of the past, as healing slowly makes its way to the victims of these crimes.

a special thank you to all who continue to fight for this worthy cause. may the Lord continue to strengthen and equip you for this cause. a very special blessing and prayer to the victims of these crimes, may the Lord alone bring revenge on your behalf, for He knows best how to handle and resolve all issues we face.

stay strong and know that you are deeply loved.

i love what Isaiah 1:17 says, “learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”

highly recommend that you not watch this around children.

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love: christine

living beyond what aches in the inside of self



guilty of yesterday you might ask?


because we have all at one time or another, found a moment of solace or maybe not. may be it was during a very chaotic, frantic moment when you realized how selfish you have been. a moment when it finally dawned on you that all this while, life has been all about you. about your desires. about your dreams, hopes and wants. and if ever your life was made into a movie, well let’s just say that you would be the star, and He (God) would just be an added prop that decorates your life into the beauty that it is – only useful in getting you further and further in life.

whether or not this decision is reached unconsciously or not, we as human beings have a natural tendency of growing into self centered beings, and sometimes even living in the center of our life. those who have been around little children know this all too well. we know that the first few words a child ever utters is the word – mine. this is well demonstrated when you reach for a child’s favorite toy, and it will not be long before you know who owns that toy you dare to grab. that fierce, possessive and yet innocent voice will let you know very loud that the toy you grabbed is his/her toy. so it is safe to say that as a human being, it is natural to gravitate towards the center of self, that being the case it is then very important that we dare to live outside of self. dare to open our eyes, ears and live beyond what aches in the inside of us. if not, then sadly enough, the center of our life is where we will always be found. and if that is the case, what life will you have lived? I ask.

yesterday in the mail, we received a card from our  Compassion International sponsor child-James (lives in Kenya). We have been sponsoring James for over 2 years, and much like our own children, nothing brings more joy to our hearts than seeing James grow into a handsome, Godly man. Seeing hope back in his eyes, when at one point his eyes looked empty of hope, is so rewarding. about a two weeks ago, we also heard from our other precious sponsor child Atul (lives in India), it is slightly over a year since we started sponsoring Atul, and like James planting and giving into Atul’s life adds more meaning to our life, more than we ever knew existed.

seeing a smile on their faces, brings meaning to our sponsorship. months when I have contemplated whether or not we can continue sponsoring both boys, and then deciding to continue anyway, and trusting instead in God’s provision has elevated our trust in God. for he never fails us. the good news for those who don’t know our God all too well, He is always looking for faithful followers. those who will be His hands and feet. and when He finds His followers, and starts a work through them, then can I also tell you that what He starts He is also faithful to provide for. we only struggle when we make it our mission to self provide, and forget that God who started it all, is very capable of finishing it all. He really doesnt need our help, all He needs is a willing heart. a faithful heart, and the rest of His work He will truly truly provide for.

the Lord out of this journey called life, teaches us that life is meant to be shared.

shared in every sense of the word.

meaning in pain, we are to gather in community, embrace the moment of pain, hug and share in that season of life together. in laughter and joy, we are also to gather together in community, celebrate with laughter and enjoy the season of joy that life brings.

 in everything life, it is important that we seek the will of God over our life, and not make a journey driven by our own will. this step alone will save us plenty of heart aches, and wasted seasons. in so doing, we are guaranteed a purposeful life, and because God is not found in self, we are also guaranteed a transformation of heart that we are then able to live outside of self. it is true that God is always out in the mission field. always found outside in the ditches, the dark places that self naturally never dares to go. He never did own a home, a car or the comfort that we so humbly enjoy. He lived outside of self, and mingled with those who were known to be sinners, helping the poor, healing and doing all sorts of signs and wonders. and through the help of the Holy Spirit, we too can find the courage to walk in the ditches, and the dark spots that self on its own can not dare walk. see the Holy Spirit, God our Father can do so much through us, if only we dare to align our will with His will, and believe without a shadow of doubt that He has nothing but good plans for us (Jeremiah 29).

never discredit the direction that God is leading you. some may also say, never discredit your humble beginnings. the difference between those who live a fulfilled life, and those whose life is empty and never fulfilled, is the ability of one to receive the full blessings and lessons of each season in life, and the ability to then trust in God to walk one through each season, no matter how lonely, challenging it is. with God we are over comers. and He will never lead you, where He has not already been. those who go on to fulfill their callings in life, have been those that have allowed God to do a work in them, in so doing God has then been able to prepare and equip them for every season, and they have gone on to receive the fullness of life.

there is nothing as miserable as living an empty, unfulfilled life.

we all have an opportunity to place our aches, pains and desires in the hands of God, and then trust Him enough to walk in the direction He leads, and know that He is not man that He should lie. what He says, He will do. that has been our journey, my daughters and I. we are not perfect, but we have tried our best to live a life in His will for us, many a times never truly understanding where He was leading us, however in all instances and retrospectively, we have come to witness such mighty mighty works. He continues to surprise us, and in every season He has never failed us. we too have our hopes and desires, however as we journey through life, we have come to realize that at the perfect time, He makes all things beautiful.

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lots of love: Christine

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