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Life With Christ

Joanna Gaines Testimony



With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

Love: Christine

how uncle Jack gave Kory back his mind



The mind is a special gift, uncle Jack always said. It’s the place where heaven comes alive, and life in it’s purest of forms unfolds in ways that not even man in his most capable self could make happen. Uncle Jack always said that the mind was the best invention ever created, and that if we treated our mind with the same care we give our most treasured cars, the mind had it in itself to retreasure us with a gift like no other.

Uncle Jack told us that the reason Kory never came back home was because his mind had lost it’s way, and because his parents never had the courage to fight all the demons that possessed Kory’s mind. And so Kory was locked up in this place where others just like him are locked up. This place as uncle Jack described, was a place where only darkness lived, and that if Kory had any chance at a decent life, he had lost it when his parents shipped him off to Mazakot.

As a little child we had always enjoyed playing with Kory. He played ball with us but was never one to hit a ball to goal. He always kicked the ball round in circles, and would stop and stare at the ball for what seemed like five minutes, while we screamed and yelled at him to keep the ball moving. We never won a game with Kory on our team, so we eventually pulled him aside and gave him the water duty. He did well at it, although there were times when he forgot he was no longer playing, and got a hold of the ball kicking and yelling his way all around the field, making all sorts of unfamiliar sounds, until one of us held him tight to the ground and pulled him to the side.

The day when Kory returned back home, was the day after uncle Jack stormed out of Mr. Kents house in deep anger. You could tell uncle Jack was angry because his whole face turned red, he paced up and down the corridor for almost an hour, slapping the walls occassionally and going for his ice tea. Uncle Jack had told us that he would give it one last shot with Mr. Kent, to have him remove Kory from that dump hole he called Mazakot. We were all surprised to see Kory walking gently towards the front door of his house. His face down to the ground, he seemed unware of his surroundings. Mr. Kent followed shortly, pulled open the front door, and ushered Kory back in. It had been two years since Kory had been home.

Uncle Jack pulled his rocking chair close to the patio staircase, called for his ice tea and smiled like it was harvest day. We knew whatever uncle Jack told Mr. Kent that day had made enough sense for him to drive sixteen hours to pick up Kory and bring him home. Uncle Jack never did disclose what he discussed with Mr. Kent that day, he only said that it was a good thing Mr. Kent had finally put his pride aside, and made that trip.

The following day Mr. Kent pulled up to our front door asking for uncle Jack. Uncle Jack had woken up early that morning and headed for the city and was to return the following day. Mr. Kent looked distraught when he learned that uncle Jack was to return the next day. And like a hawk watching out for it’s prey, when uncle Jack’s horse made it in that evening, Mr. Kent was once again on our front door asking for uncle Jack. They spoke for hours, and it seemed to go well because from time to time we would hear them laugh, and it seemed like they were making some sort of plan for uncle Jack to stop by daily to visit with Kory.

That was the beginning of many trips to the Kent residence. Only uncle Jack was allowered to see Kory and even spend time with him. Uncle Jack asked us to mind our business, and when Kory was ready to play, he would make his way to our front door to ask us to play ball. And just like uncle Jack had said, one early summer morning we heard a knock on our front door. It was Kory. He had brought with him a beautiful painting. A drawing of uncle Jack’s barn and corn field. He asked that we deliver that to uncle Jack without fail, and we immediately agreed. We were also surprised when Kory asked if we wanted to play ball, and as if he never went away, we all headed to the field with our ball. The very same ball that Kory, Ken and I had made out of grocery bags and lots of elastic bands.

Something different had happened to Kory. He seemed much like us than ever before. Infact, we had never seen him more alive. Kory sat down at one point and began to sob. We all rallied behind him and asked him what the problem was. Uncle Jack would kill us if we had anything to do with making Kory sob, so we did whatever we could to calm him down and when he calmed down, he told us that uncle Jack had saved his life. That the day before Mr. Kent came for him, he had planned on ending his life, because Mazakot was no life for any child. He said that he had also stopped hearing those voices. We never knew what voices he spoke about, but he said those voices made him do things to himself that made his father very very mad.

Later that day, uncle Jack came to our room. We told him what had happened with Kory, and he told us that Kory was loved and very lucky to be alive. That Kory had finally gotten his mind back, and that even though Kory might struggle more than we do, if we believe in him he will always do more than we think he can. That Kory reminded him of his grandpa, and that his grandpa died having lost his mind, and he swore to himself never to let another die having lost their mind. Uncle Jack also said that he prayed a lot. That our aunt Betsy had given him the secret to helping Kory, and that prayer was that secret. He also told us that he cried many nights for Kory, and pleaded for his deliverance. We were all surprised to learn that uncle Jack cried, because we all saw him as Mr. Steel. One who never shed a tear for anything or anyone.

That night was the first night we ever saw uncle Jack be more like us. He teared up as he spoke about Kory, and how Mr. Kent had pleaded for his help. Mr. Kent never believed in the same God uncle Jack did, but for some reason Mr. Kent trusted uncle Jack’s God to deliver his son, and because of that, Mr. Kent started coming to church with us every weekend.

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken. Psalm 34:17-20

Love: Christine

how life is multiplied when walked on water


He took her hand, gently pulled her towards Him and sat her on His laps. All while she smiled and wondered what on earth He was up to this time.

Father,” she said. “What would happen if I trusted you with all of my heart?

If I truly believed that nothing is impossible for You, and that all things work for good to them that love you (Matthew 19:26, Romans 8:28).”

If I allowed you to show me the treasures hidden in the inside of me, and the greatness we have together.”

What would happen Father?,” she said earnestly.

Father looked straight into Sofia’s eyes, He seemed eager to respond as He smiled and placed her sweaty palms on His hand. He whispered a few sentences in her ear, and concluded by telling her that we can all walk on water if we set our eyes on Him. That to walk on water means the impossible is crushed right under our feet, and what is left is a beam of light so bright that glimmers with rays of hope all around it.

She seemed content yet a little confused with His response. Sofia had learned over the years that Father knew best, and that it was best not to argue with Him, even when what He said didn’t make sense.

Walk on water,” she repeated as she stood up and stared further into His eyes.

Later on that day she found herself pulling up infront of the grocery store. An hour later, she walked back to her car with a good load of food enough to feed a few hundred souls. Nervous and excited all at the same time, she knew this feast was sure to get hearts warmed up & stirred up to face yet another day in the land of the unknown.

Father was right, Sofia thought. It was time to trust Him with all her heart. To bury the doubts and fears, and dare instead to walk on water.

The day of the feast had finally arrived. Perhaps Father had made it known to the angels that they were carrying out His mission, she thought. Because when they woke up very early that morning the skies were as clear as clear can be, and the rain that had soaked up the ground days prior was nowhere insight. With the feast all packed up in Sofia’s truck, they drove out in complete silence as all sorts of thoughts went ahead of them. Thoughts and prayers for a day much like what she had envisioned. A day filled with love and hope, and that doubt and fear would be crushed and buried underneath her feet so much so that the impossible would turn possible, and the trust in Him that she had so longed for would be the very trust that made all things work together for all their good.

feast 2

Half way through the feast, Sofia’s eyes wandered around in deep humility as she witnessed the dwindling of food, and the replacement of hunger with joy that beamed so loud enough to cause a tear drop or two to come dripping down. Their guests were happy, and that’s all that ever mattered to her. “We did it,” she said to herself. “Walked on water, and kept our eyes on Him.” And all over sudden like a rush of wind, the confusion that had loomed in her heart after the conversation with Father, seemed to all fade away as a deeper understanding of Father’s whispers now made all the more sense.



There is life beyond the picket fence. Beyond the boundaries of fear and doubt,” she said. Life is best lived while walking on water, and there are experiences and treasures hidden in the inside of us like Papa said, that can only be found if we keep our eyes on Him, and dare with all our heart to make our way through the seemingly unending and sometimes mucky pools of water.

And as they headed back to the truck she realized for the first time, that life is multiplied when we walk on water. That beyond the shores are great possibilites waiting to happen. Fresh breath to be breathed on lifeless lives.

Love: Christine




The Man In The Arena




Happy Mothers Day to all you special moms :)

Love: Christine

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