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whom the Son sets free is free indeed



even as the sunrises, and the birds begin to squeak, there are those who wake up, but never quite wake up. the rising of the sun, and the squeaking of the birds, never makes it’s way into their mornings. it’s always the same. the deep and very dark darkness that clouds the skies at the midnight hour, is the same darkness that unveils their days, and so beautiful mornings such as these, are never beautiful in their eyes. darkness blinds, and seems to win. and for many a days, you might say that darkness won.

there are moments such as these, for each and every one of us. the rich and poor, we all share in these moments. perhaps, you have found yourself living much too long in darkness. perhaps, the beauty and blessings of each new day, has not quite made it’s way into your heart for many a days. maybe even months, or years. it could also be, that it’s much too difficult to see the beauty of each day, while this season you now live in, is filled with pain, and hopelessness. your heart longs to dance in joy, but your mind is trapped in the sea of hopelessness. there are moments when you find yourself, grasping for joy and hope. you even feel yourself for a second or two, hopeful and joyful, and before you know it, this dark canvas of utter pain and hopelessness, grabs your heart, and you drown back into your worries, doubts and fears.

may i tell you that there is hope.

living hope in every situation, every circumstance. that this canvas of darkness, that now covers your days and nights, can be washed away with the precious, healing blood of Jesus. and the beauty and blessings of each day, that is a beautiful promise from our Father in heaven (Lamentations 3: 22-23), can and will make it’s way into your precious precious heart.

simply pray a simple prayer of help.

Father, I need your help.”

because far too often, we know not how to climb out of this pit of darkness, and in His strength, He is able to turn our weakness, into something of power. and because we cried out for help, there is nothing absolutely nothing good, our Father would not do for us. Read Jeremiah 29:11. He hears every prayer, and in faith we are able to receive His help, and its not before long that we find ourselves slowly, but surely climbing out of that pit of darkness, into the light. and since we know that  in darkness, His light shines brightest, we know that He is always a prayer away. ready and able to turn our darkness into dancing.

 there is absolutely nothing impossible for our God (Matthew 19:26).

remember, He died on the cross, so that we may be set free. free from every bondage. free from the pits of darkness, and free from every ungodly spirit. Satan is the ruler of the kingdom of darkness. it is where he works to imprison our hearts, so that we are never to enjoy the light that shines oh so bright, each and every morning. but, glory to God, for whom the son sets free, is free indeed (John8: 36). we are not without power and help. when we call on the name of the living Lord in faith, that darkness is turned into light, and it is there that Satan is once again defeated.

Glory to God!!

we must however be determined not to remain in the pit of darkness. so long as we have life, we have hope. hope in our Living Father, who is always just a prayer away.

Happy Easter precious ones :)

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until next time, love you always: christine

Friday Fun Day – Easter Fever



by:  Joyce Carr Stedelbauer

Every mother has communication beyond the need of

words with a son. A soldier’s mom will say, “He died doing

what he wanted most to do. His purpose was to serve his

country.” From Gabriel’s astonishing commission to Mary,

all the way to Jesus’ last prayer, you knew. You knew that

He was much more than an ordinary, human man. A man

about His Father’s business, He said. You wisely treasured

and pondered all of these things in your heart.

I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one can get

to the Father except by means of Me. If you had known

who I am, then you would have known who my Father is.

From now on you know Him and have seen Him,

John 14

And a sword shall pierce your heart.”

Luke 2

We may NEVER know how much He loves us. Beyond the CROSS, He loves us so so much. More than words could ever say. Yet, we might NEVER know until the day we meet face to face.

He Loves us oh so much!!!

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