The last past weeks have really blossomed into weeks of divine blessings. These weeks have been some what challenging (nothing dramatic, just simple challenges) but more than challenging they have in many ways awakened me to this realization that – I have been on a journey. A journey that has led me through paths that continue to lead me into my divine purpose. I always knew this, its nothing new to me, its just good to be awakened every now and then and your thoughts anchored to this amazing realization that you are not alone.

Many times the journey doesn’t make sense. The future through our human eyes seems so far away, and more than far it seems so unattainable, yet through all this He asks that we trust Him. Sometimes trust is too big of a word, too big of a request. To understand the magnitude of this journey, we must decide to travel through paths of unknown nature. We must cry and get up, we must walk and have faith. Nothing less than faith. Until we get to that place where the mountain is no longer a mountain. The place where we stand in awe at His works, until we get there we must journey in faith, for in due time we will get there and we will see the beautiful tapestry that is our lives, unveil before our very eyes, as He proves to us that – He has been at work all this while.

That has been the case these past few weeks. After so many days, months I can now look back and make sense out of many things that just didn’t make sense when I journeyed through these paths. I knew He was up to something, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, and boy isn’t it good to see just what He has been doing. I sometimes feel terrible for ever doubting that these days will actually come. The wait itself can be so challenging and not knowing can be even more challenging, but I would like to encourage you to hold on tight, never let go, because in due time you will see just what He has been upto.

Just like Hannah, after praying for so long for a child, she eventually was blessed beyond measure and her child, that wonderful miracle baby named Samuel grew to be one of the greatest Old Testament leaders. One who pleased the Lord and led His children – The Israelites. I bet if you had told Hannah what was to come, she would never in a million years see that reality, and yet it was the case. Her faith, her never ending love and faith for the Lord grew so big, and she harvested a great crop. See yourself for a moment as Hannah. Dare to believe in what seems impossible. Dare to journey with Him even when He seems so far away. Dare to believe in a God who never lies. A God who is never late and always on time.

Dare to believe!!


Until next week, have a lovely blessed week. Hold on and never let go of His promises

Love: Christine


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