Social Media is here moms, in case you have not noticed. And it’s growing faster than we can keep up with. For many mom’s social media has replaced ALOT in their life. Some may argue that Social Media is the biggest NIGHTMARE that has ever been invented. While others not so. Others absolutely LOVE social media, and they embrace every new technology that re-reinforces the use of social media.

I wake up early every morning, just before the sun rises. I toss up and down my bed, and open a twinkle of my eye, just enough to grab my cell phone from the charger, and begin my morning ritual. After browsing swiftly through my different sites, I then can find myself easing smoothly into my morning.


Have I FINALLY lost it?

I ask myself the very same question. Social Media, might just have taken over my ENTIRE life, without ever having authorized it to do so, but even after finding that out, never stopping it’s INTRUSION.

I happen to LOVE social media. I don’t idolize it, or so I hope. But have struggled every now and then, in staying away from my – FACEBOOK, TWITTER and all my other sites. Struggling, yet in all honesty, I have tried to STAY AWAY.


Keeps us Informed → Mom’s LOVE to stay on top of NEWS. Any news. That mean’s we can at times be nossy:) We love to know what’s happening to the neighbors backyard. Why the police just drove off. Even why that HUGE caravan is all over sudden parked in their driveway. With social media, mom’s have immediate access to BREAKING NEWS!!!

Helps moms say NO → Let’s face it mom’s it’s sometimes not as easy to say NO to that invite, and because of social media, we are able to text them back and type the word NO, which is easier written than said. Even to that date, that you don’t care for, it’s now as simple as ABC. Saying No has never been so easy.

Social Media Values Moms → This is amazing. If you look around at all the social media campaigns, most if not all appeal to moms/women. Many have even studied this aspect of business, and found that mom’s spend lots of time online, therefore speaking to moms has never been more easier – via the many campaigns geared towards moms. They have also found that mom’s are influence’s, and hence their value online.

Social Media lengthens and starts relationships → Log into E-harmony and you will see what exactly am talking about. Relationships are being formed and lengthened through social media. Stay at home mom’s are able to maintain relationships with friends, and are able to catch up on the latest via – Skype and all other social sites.

Social Media is convenient → Waoh what a relief. Gone are the day’s of lost cook books, or sold out movies. With social media, mom’s are able to keep up with what they love doing, and also maintain their households. Social Media is a convenient tool of exchanging ideas, from recipes and so much more.

Social Media, keeps moms in Christ → It’s hard enough being mom, without having to juggle momhood and your faith. Social media has been a great tool for mom’s to keep up with their faith, and not feel like they have abandoned Christ. With all the podcasts, videos and links available, mom’s are able to maintain their faith, and still maintain their households.

I can, go on and on about moms and social media. I can also find negative influences of social media, and go on and on, but I would much rather concentrate for now on the positives. It’s all about FINDING a BALANCE. Not going OVERBOARD with your tweets, or FACEBOOKING till the entire FACEBOOK community shuts down. It’s truly about finding moderation, and having fun with it.

I love social media, because it has given me a platform to be heard, and also a platform to make a difference. Social media is more about what I can do for others, rather than what others can do for me.




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